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Remi: Ekspozytory i palety jubilerskie, opakowania do biżuterii , blistry

Welcome on website of Remi Altanka!

You hit the target! Here you will find how we can help you. In our offer we have products and services as below:

  • Jewellery packages
  • Jewellery exhibition components and displays
  • Jewellery exhibition design consulting
  • Thermoforming service
  • Flocking service
  • Packagings design according to customer requirement


About our company...

We began business activity in 1984. Under present name and place we have been working since 1989.

Firstly the company was dealing only with thermoforming. In 1992 we started making flocked products, and in 2007 production of leatherette displays and cardboard boxes.

We are working on the surface of 1200m2 in the village of Altanka nearby Sochaczew in central Poland.

Why do you have your interest to co-operate with Remi?

Because since more than 20 years we have been basing on individual solutions, availability and contact with client.
You will not need to wait months for our catalogue products. You will fit colours and size precisely to your needs.

Being a producer, not only internet shop, trader or importer, in two weeks we are able to create completely new product according to your requirements.